Sentinel Peak High School operates within a very structured environment. Students understand that if they are making good choices, positive rewards will be earned!

Honor Roll
Qualifications : Earn all A's and B's on your report card.
Reward : Certificate and recognition.

Student of the Month
Qualifications : Staff select 5 students that deserve to be honored.  Sometimes it is a student that is working hard and making good choices, sometimes it is a student that has struggled but has made a positive change.
Reward : Student of the Month Breakfast happens once a month.  The student and his/her family are invited to a breakfast where the student is recognized for their efforts by their teachers


Building Blocks of Character
Qualifications : A staff member selects one student per month who is standing out as a Building Block of Character.
Reward : Student is recognized at a District Board Meeting.  They will receive a plaque and their name will be displayed  on a billboard for the month.

Optimist Student of the Month
Qualifications : The Principal will choose one student per month who has made a positive impact at SPHS.
Reward : Student will have lunch with the Principal at Sullivan's steak house where they will be recognized and will receive a certificate and a check for $100.


  Field Trips
Students in good standing with no discipline issues will have the opportunity to participate in various field trips throughout the year.

 Students are encouraged to be at school every day and do their best. Below are a few strategies we use.

After School Study Hall
Students that have an absence will be assigned to stay for study hall to make up the time that they missed.
Students that are behind in their classes will be assigned study hall to give them a chance to get caught up.