Cadet Program

Students earn .5 elective credit each quarter for participating in the cadet program. Students are assigned to either Hendricks or Richardson Elementary. Students are placed in classrooms, the office, with a custodian, etc, and help by working with students, sorting and filing, playground supervision, or other needed tasks.

Below are a couple statements from the Principals and Teachers that benefit from this program.

Principals ~
The Sentinel Peak Cadet program has become an integral part of the Hendricks Hawks success these past years. Student workers are invaluable to teachers and administration as they work to complete secretarial tasks, sort, and work with students. There are even several students who help out on the playground for supervision and actively involving students in play. Our Special Needs Intensive Resource classrooms depend on the extra set of eyes and ability to provide one on one attention to their students. Our head custodian relies on the cadets for the efficient set up and tear down of our lunch program. Since having these Cadets in the MPR our lunch can serve the entire school by no later than 12:10. Thanks Sentinel Peak Students.

We are fortunate to have an ongoing partnership with Sentinel Peak High School that allows their students to participate in our classrooms as teaching assistants. The students from Sentinel Peak provide a resource for our teachers, but more importantly, provide a resource for our students to help them to learn and grow. Several Sentinel Peak students have developed meaningful relationships with our students and teachers after they have left our classroom. In fact, a former Sentinel Peak teaching assistant was hired as an employee at Richardson.

Teachers ~
Student is very respectful and cooperative. She is always willing and able to complete any assignment or project I give her. She is very professional and works well with others. It is a pleasure having her help out in our classroom.

We look forward to our student's visits each day. She's very personable with the students and staff. She is a hard worker and extremely efficient. She has a friendly rapport with the students and they adore her. She has helped us in the classroom with reading, vocabulary and phonics instruction, grading, inventory, math prep and special projects. She is a perfect example of the characteristics of respect, responsibility and the relationships we want in our school environment. We'd love for her to continue with us next semester. Thank you!

Student is always willing to work with a small group of students. She will help them write sentences, giving reminders to finger space and write legibly. She shows initiative to complete our assignments that we give her. She will follow directions when asked to gather, cut and create a variety of art activities for our students. The students in my classroom are always excited when she comes into the classroom. She has been a great asset in our program.

Student was a great help to me this quarter. The kiddos loved having him in class! He was very kind and patient with one of my special needs kiddos and made him feel important!

Love this boy! Student has been such a great addition to our 5th grade level. Willing to take on any task and always kind and respectful!

Student has a been a wonderful asset to our classroom. My kinders enjoy her daily visits and she is a great role model for them.